Approximately since 2008, technology began to be commercialized in companies under cloud computing mode and although over the years this concept has become more relevant, it is important to know what it is and the benefits of the same.

This technological model allows companies to make use of software solutions through the Internet, without having to make high investments in hardware, infrastructure within the organization or in a technical team responsible for the administration of resources.

When using this type of technology, companies benefit among other things with:

  • Cost reduction: When acquiring services in the cloud, companies don’t have to invest in infrastructure equipment such as servers, equipment maintenance and other indirect costs associated with the service. With this modality companies will pay for the use of services according to their consumption.
  • Mobility: With solutions in the cloud, companies can access services from different places, only with a good Internet connection, unlike a few years ago when it could only be accessed from a computer in the workplace. Additionally, companies will be able to access information in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Personalization of services according to the needs: Cloud Computing services are flexible and are easily adaptable to the needs of companies.
  • Support Team: It is no longer necessary to have a technical team within the company to support software solutions. The services in the cloud already include everything related to the support of the solution, thus allowing companies to reduce labor costs that are not part of the core of the company.

These, among many others, are the advantages of using cloud solutions. In Colombia, the vast majority of SMEs do not have robust budgets to invest in technology, but investing in this technology is what largely leverages the growth of companies. Cloud solutions, because of their pay-for-consumption model, are ideal for facilitating access to cutting-edge technology to companies that in other ways could not have it.

At Etairos Business Solutions we can offer your company different cloud solutions to support your business strategy. Among the solutions we have for your company are:

  • CRM solutions to maximize your business strategy.
  • Solutions for the administration and maintenance of Assets.
  • Oracle Cloud to take your organization to a level of technological development of world class through the use of a series of solutions that will allow you to optimize all your business processes.

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