There is no doubt that our days are now marked and even directed by this Big Data era. Everything moves around the trace of information we leave in every action we made since we unblock our cellphones in the morning to the time we turn our tv off (usually Smart) at night, passing through all this huge digital activity we make all day long in such an automatic way, but that reunites itself the essence of what we are, what we do, what we prefer, the emotion that represent for us every thing we see. Nowadays, our searchings not only determine our needs, but create a profile of ourselves to the others.

Everyday, trillions of bytes with information are generated, which, combined with the actual powerful tools of analysis, modern algoritms and low cost storage for the information collected, allow the companies to improve their decision making moment through the collection and analysis of first hand data to generate real value for those from whom information comes from. Knowing the preferences, habits, skills, likes, trends, etc, let us be, literally, on the mind of those we want to get to. That is the real sense of using each tool available to make it possible.

Internet is a great ally for Big Data. If we say that everything we do daily leaves a trace behind, Internet is the sand where that trace remains. From all we do inside our home, what we buy at the supermarket, the purchases online we make, all that we pay with credit cards, our daily searches of specific information, everything becomes in data that is collected to take us closer to what is really interesting for us (and others) in almost a personalized way.

That way, big stores are able to organize their stock in real time, generate promotions, priorize products on their shelves, all of it thanks to Big Data tools. Websites that sell online develope algoritms to give the visits they receive an appropiate following and to create an effective remarketing to the purchases gotten; to be present on their clients mind as the first option, incentivating the re-purchase and looking for more fidelization, which becomes more difficut to get these days due to the huge actual offer, and which you not only get by presenting your products/services to your public, but showing the intrinsec benefits of using them: Adidas not only sells sports clothes, they also have a big staff focused in what sports men/women need, to make every garment that comes out, be exactly what that person seeks to solve a specific issue. They promote, as well, recognized athletes and representative people with certain lifestyle to generate content of quality for their users and to connect them automatically to the benefits of the Brand, and all of this is gotten thanks to the correct handling of users data.

The world of science is not untied to Big Data either. Thanks to the collecting of relevant data through mega-computers able to manage great quantity of information in unimaginable speeds, there can be simulated from the conditions of the universe themselves to be studied in a more deeply way, to the prediction of earthquakes with even 90% of precission, through algoritms, historical data and atmospherical conditions. Thanks to satellytal systems, sensors and predictive analysis, it can be given a proper following for animals, plants and entire ecosystems in danger of extintion, and to evaluate the impact of several factors like the increasing of human population in the nature, all of it in almost real time, which allow goverments and other entities to take corrective actions and to impulse certain iniciatives to prevent a higher damage.

The Big Data could sound kind of invasive, but it really becomes on the basket that collects all that we like the most and let the companies to offer us what we really expect from them. With this information, the gap between test and error gets shorter and allow them to adjust their products/services to what we are willing to consume. So, if we leave the correct traces, certainly we will receive what we prefer, which will find us in the middle of what we are searching and what is available.

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