It is not always easy to put in order our thougths. To aline all the planets in our head, sometimes can be a very challenging thing even more when our rutine has abruptibly changed, taking us to live experiences that were very far in our radar.

However it is at these kinds of moments, when our capacity of adaptation must go over our discomfiture and discipline should be above our comfy confort zone. Now, when work and home are combined, things can turn a little more crazier than we expect them to be. That is why we would like to bring you some recommendations for not getting knocked out before start the figth.

1. Plan your day: Start from the very first thought of gratitude when you open your eyes in the morning to the moment you are going to turn off your computer, laptop or cell phone. You might not believe it, but giving a lapse of time for each thing to happen, will reduce the weigth of your backpack. Certainly you will need some adjustments while you can calculate better the real time that takes each thing, but maybe, by the end of the month, you will be a complete pro, including more and better activities to your planner.

2. Just keep it real. The thing is, you are not at the office: the place destined to WORK. Now, you are adapting the place you use to RELAX and where you have invested every effort to do it, to work. You can not pretend everything works the same way, but in an opossite space. You must be conscious there will be more distractors around you: your childs might want to show you what they just built every 5 seconds; your dogs will bark every ten minutes looking a bike passing through your window; your neighbor might require your help just when you are in the middle of a “meeting” … and so on, a very large list could appear. Adjust to it with realism and do not drown into the “ideal” of improving your productivity by being in a more “comfortable” place.

3. Do not confuse working at home with flexible Schedule. Keep in mind: you will not always be able to adjust your personal subjects to your working hours, even if you are at home. Sometimes we let ourselves fade out our objetives for not focussing in the time we should give to each one. If your day is already planned, it does not mean you can not have a Plan B, but, as posible, try to keep it steady. If your mom, husband/wife or even your childs ask you a favor that can wait, schedule it according to your free time, when it can be solved (unless it is a real emergency). Put on a scale what is “urgent” and what is “important”; what can wait or what just can not. That way you will not feel bad for saying “I can not help you now, but I will tomorrow”.

Working from home has as many advantages as challenges, but is not impossible. With discipline, will and order (physical and mental), you will get great things. ¡Cheer up!