3 11, 2020

From talks to databases: the magic route to our clients


All companies need their clients for succeeding. They depend on the constant interaction that allows interchange their products and services with the ones that require them. That is why is so important to know everything that motivates our clients to buy what we offer and so, everything that lead us to improve the [...]

From talks to databases: the magic route to our clients2020-11-04T10:14:33-05:00
14 10, 2020

Technology in service fora new world


In a world where changes occurs at unimaginable speeds, maybe some people was taken by surprise with one of its most trascendental changes nowadays: the way we relate each other. Interpersonal relationships became an interchange of words in distance, kisses became virtual as well and conversations remained saved in voice chats… And were not the [...]

Technology in service fora new world2022-06-16T11:31:21-05:00
18 08, 2020

From paper to Big Data: a story that tells itself


There is no doubt that our days are now marked and even directed by this Big Data era. Everything moves around the trace of information we leave in every action we made since we unblock our cellphones in the morning to the time we turn our tv off (usually Smart) at night, passing through all [...]

From paper to Big Data: a story that tells itself2022-06-16T11:36:45-05:00
13 07, 2020

¿How to become our client’s personal diary?


In this world, everyday filled with more and more information, we need to have on hand all the tools that allow us to be closer to the people we want to impact in a more assertive way, because all their particularities are bigger now and so, they expect to be convinced in detail of what [...]

¿How to become our client’s personal diary?2022-06-16T11:38:44-05:00
5 06, 2020

When your home and your job become one


It is not always easy to put in order our thougths. To aline all the planets in our head, sometimes can be a very challenging thing even more when our rutine has abruptibly changed, taking us to live experiences that were very far in our radar. However it is at these kinds of moments, when [...]

When your home and your job become one2022-06-16T11:40:02-05:00
29 11, 2019

Customer Experience


Treat your customers as people and not as numbers! It is probably one of the most complex issues to define. In fact, many questions will be found on this issue and even more strongly, when the leaders of the companies have not decided to involve the client as the main and most important axis for [...]

Customer Experience2022-06-16T11:44:36-05:00
1 11, 2019

Customer service: differential power in business


Customer Service is considered a differentiator in the service currently provided to consumers. Nowadays, due to the high competitiveness in business, it is vitally important to have a differentiating factor in the service we offer. It is no longer enough just to have good products to sell, as many companies now offer similar or equal [...]

Customer service: differential power in business2022-06-16T11:46:18-05:00
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