In this world, everyday filled with more and more information, we need to have on hand all the tools that allow us to be closer to the people we want to impact in a more assertive way, because all their particularities are bigger now and so, they expect to be convinced in detail of what we are offering is what they really need.

That is how Agema CRM is born as an online solution to support effectively all commercial management with your clients, thought for all those small and medium companies from different sectors that want to relate with their clients in a more effective way, knowing what they really expect to receive, what they need, without a huge commercial team behind with all the costs it involves. From Etairos Business Solutions, Agema CRM was created to manage all those relevant aspects that come from a client-company relationship, in a way that both of them speak the same language, extending a bridge to satisfy all the needs of the market in an easier and more complete way, managing, measuring and improving all the processes, and the same way, the results.

¿What are tha advantages of Agema CRM?
– Affordable costs of investment for small and medium companies
– You pay for what you need
– It is perfect for entrepreneurs and businessmen with small and medium companies in different sectors of the market
– It is a 100% online tool
– You can follow in real time all the commercial managment of your company
– Full integration of the trade flow, from stocktracking control to the closure of the sale
– Constant monitoring of the user experience to generate improvements in the use of the App

Having all this outlook 100% online will allow the growing companies to have more integral information to take better decisions about their most important source of income: their clients. This is a great opportunity thats is worth to be tried. Contact us!