In many companies it is required to manage the entire life cycle of the assets in order to maximize their value, regardless of whether they are in different physical locations and even in different business units within the company. If companies perform good management of their corporate assets leveraged in a technological solution that helps them control and plan, this will be reflected in improving performance, reduce costs, extend the useful life, improving the return on investment of these.

Normally this management is known as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) or business asset management, which covers processes such as the design, construction, operation, maintenance and replacement of assets and infrastructure.

CalemEam is the software with which at Etairos we offer our clients solutions for the management of their assets, where they can manage the asset pool, manage customer requests, manage work orders, manage inventories, integrate the solution with purchase requests, among others; all this accompanied by management reports adapted to the needs of each client. Another advantage of this solution is that it can be easily integrated with tablets or mobile phones, allowing easy movement to the place where the asset is, additional work can be done with offline synchronization, which allows us to always capture the information.

With CalemEam our clients will be able to adapt the solutions to the needs and particularities of their company, where they can count on Cloud, On-Site and Cloud-based solutions according to the needs. This solution is friendly and easily configurable, allows connectivity with different systems.

For more information or to see a demo of the solution, do not hesitate to contact us.