On June 8, 2018, we inaugurated our new headquarters in the traditional San Fernando neighborhood of the city of Cali. This building was built from scratch as part of our strategic vision, prioritizing innovation in their areas and encouraging teamwork in each of them.

We know that productivity is closely related to the happiness of employees. In the past, work cubicles were common in oppressive environments, this is already behind us and Etairos is a company that always wants to be one step ahead, it’s part of our DNA! We are committed to making our employees feel comfortable in the company, permanently watching over their mental well-being.

We gladly open the doors to our “ideas factory”:

  1. Open spaces for work: At Etairos we are sure that the best work is the one that is done as a team, which is why our spaces are open to encourage the amalgam of knowledge.

2.  Walls to write on: Do you have an idea? Write it! In Etairos we have boards, flip charts, blackboards and organizers in all of our walls. Any space is ideal to make a meeting or to diagram an idea. We cannot afford to lose them on the road!

  1. Communion with nature: In Etairos there are natural elements that remind us that the world is composed of life. Internal and external gardens, and a water fountain that gives a relaxing music conducive to work. In addition, our work furniture is made of 100% recycled wood.

Day by day companies are moving from the old schemes to collaborative workspaces and we are not the exception. Our goal is that everyone who works in Etairos or visits us feels comfortable and motivated; and that is how we all evolved towards a new tomorrow. You are welcome to visit us!