Legal Area

The legal area of the companies usually performs their operational processes in a very manual way, using the basic tools of creation and edition of documents. The communication of these areas with the rest of the company and with the suppliers / customers is done by electronic mail, leaving the traceability of the modifications made during the negotiations a little dispersed. These technological limitations generate delays and reprocesses in the negotiations carried out daily by the companies, generating economic losses that in most cases are not easily perceived.

The technology at the service of processes in companies has allowed the implementation of solutions that provide areas such as legal, internal and external integration to the company, allowing more automatic, controllable and auditable processes. To give an example of this type of solutions we have those included in the world class ERP such as Oracle and SAP.

Focusing a bit on the Oracle ERP solution, this consists of a group of modules specialized in the different types of contracts that a company can handle:

– Oracle Procurement Contracts

– Oracle Project Contracts

– Oracle Sales Contracts

– Oracle Service Contracts

These modules allow the interaction of the different parties involved in the negotiation of contracts, giving them tools for creation, editing, execution, notifications, approval workflows, administration of deadlines, control of attached documents, among others, that allow a clear visibility of the processes of negotiation.

Etairos in the search to add value to its clients is currently participating with its specialist team in Oracle Contracts in the process of analysis, design and implementation of the solution for managing purchase contracts in Latin America in the company American Tower. This process will begin with the adoption of the solution in Brazil and will subsequently be implemented in the other countries where American Tower is present. The solution will integrate the use of the Oracle Procurement Contracts module and a tool that American Tower currently uses to interact with its suppliers (iproveedor), which will centralize the purchase contract process using the tools currently available to the company, taking the greater benefit of them.

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