Sometimes in companies it is thought that investing in training for workers corresponds to an unnecessary expense because it is believed that the benefits are not tangible. Quite the opposite of this thought we can say that this type of investment is a fundamental piece for the development and growth of a company.

Training workers directly impacts the increased work performance, allows employees take on new challenges and responsibilities due to the development of their professional and personal skills.

In addition to these benefits, a company can obtain many more, such as:

  • Increase in profitability.
  • Autonomy of workers.
  • Costs reduction.
  • Increase in the sense of belonging.
  • Good organizational climate.
  • Good image.
  • Prevent accidents, among others.

And its workers some more like:

  • Develop their leadership.
  • Strengthen their decision making.
  • Increase their self-confidence.
  • Encourage self-learning.
  • Promote the setting of challenging objectives, etc.

Job training can be done inside or outside the company. When it is provided within the company’s facilities, it implicitly includes a series of advantages and disadvantages that can determine the success of the same. Quoting the most frequent advantages we have that:

  • It allows the trainer to identify the work environment, which makes it easier to adapt the topic to the team and their environment, thus being a focused learning.
  • Encourages the active participation of the recipients because they feel in their environment.

Now its main disadvantage is that it can be affected by external elements present in the work environment, for example, telephone calls, meetings, activities, visits, all those things that divert the attention of the human team that is receiving the training.

To avoid this type of interference, a series of rules is usually defined at the beginning of the sessions that allow the topics worked to flow properly.

Being training a key point in the development of employees and businesses, and being Etairos focused on having happy workers with the highest level of expertise, we have linked since last year about 80% of our employees in foreign language courses (English and / or Portuguese) for the development of their communication skills with different types of clients with presence abroad. This year we will continue with the training of our team on several fronts to promote the continuous development of their different competencies, looking every day the best for us.