The constant change in the world where transformations of all kinds are taking place requires companies that adapt to new needs and innovate in solutions that allow them to maintain and develop in the changing market.

Etairos seeks to be part of this group of companies with a projection towards the future, which is why it is in the process of transforming its research and development area by building the methodology for innovative questioning within the organization.

The methodology is being developed under the concept of Design Thinking, which corresponds to the most popular philosophy for business innovation that is currently managed.

Design Thinking uses the client (people) as the central point for the development of innovation, allowing companies to put themselves in the client’s shoes, identifying their needs and analyzing the challenges they face, finally achieving the solutions that satisfy those needs through viable technology products.

Developing the concept of Design Thinking requires the involvement of multidisciplinary teams that, leaving the final product in the background, focus on the following aspects related to the user:

  • Understand: Investigate the user’s environment and identify situations or problems handled.
  • Observe: Establish empathy with the user by putting on their shoes.
  • Devise: Generate as many ideas as possible.
  • Modeling: Prepare prototypes of the best ideas.
  • Collect: Based on the user’s response when interacting with the prototypes, analyze and obtain results.

Being our mission in Etairos an exact reflection of the feeling of putting ourselves in the client’s shoes to innovate in their activities, we could say that the Design Thinking philosophy represents the ideal tool to achieve our objectives.


Written by: Maicohol Adolfo Peña