Implementation of the iProveedor portal for the companies in Latam in American Tower.

Our in team in ETAIROS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS continues to support American Tower Corporation in its process of the iProveedor portal implementation in different Latin American countries where this company operates.

The iProveedor portal is a tool from the company Manglar Technology, which allows the suppliers of the companies to manage all the queries relating to purchase orders, receipts, bills pending payment, payments made. In addition to all the different queries that can be made in the portal, in the case of Colombian companies, suppliers can generate their withholding certificates for the different types of withholdings there are in the country. This greatly facilitates and improves requests processes between suppliers and customers.

The implementation of the iProveedor has allowed ATC to strengthen its relationship with suppliers, have greater efficiency by decreasing their time of attention and response to queries, have specialized communication channels which makes it easier for suppliers to clarify doubts and have information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This also allows ATC to have traceability and management indicators with which it can track its processes.

The benefits obtained by the impacted areas with the implementation of this tool are many, among these are:

  • Financial: the volume of calls from suppliers related to the query of the status of their invoices and payments is reduced.
  • Purchases: the purchasing process is optimized.
  • Taxes: the delivery dates of the tax certificates are fulfilled.

Countries such as Colombia, Mexico and Chile already have the use of this portal in use and work is being done on the implementation for Brazil, Peru and Costa Rica.

The joint work between the teams of ETAIROS and American Tower, as well as its different technology providers have managed to meet the expectations related to times, deadlines and scope of the Project, and that the implementations so far carried out have been successful.

The knowledge and experience that our team has in the flow of financial process, makes us the ideal strategic ally for this type of implementation.

In ETAIROS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS we continue working and supporting our clients in achieving their goals.