Customer Service is considered a differentiator in the service currently provided to consumers. Nowadays, due to the high competitiveness in business, it is vitally important to have a differentiating factor in the service we offer. It is no longer enough just to have good products to sell, as many companies now offer similar or equal services or products; What really makes the difference is the way in which the service is offered and the experience that is given to each of the consumers.

Currently, a great sales team guarantees to get customers for our products, but the Customer Service team is the one who will guarantee that they want to continue using our services because in our day to day it is vital to treat the customer’s problems as unique and give a personalized management to each of them, in this way we establish a relationship of credibility and trust.

Let’s clarify the impact of having a bad customer service: not only do we run the risk of losing our consumers, which generate income for our company, but it is proven that an unsatisfied customer will share the problem and the bad experience with an average of 7 or 10 people. This will negatively impact the company’s image and could discourage future buyers.

It is because of this that the company must have a Service Culture, which consists in not only training your employees to be courteous and friendly, but it is also necessary that all the factors and elements of the company are focused on the customer.

The company’s management must be the first to recognize Customer Service as crucial to its success, as this will be responsible for creating a feeling of commitment and loyalty between consumers and our business.

The potential lies in serving our consumers above how the competition does and in this way our company will become much more profitable than we ever imagined. This is the main strategy with which small companies can compete against large companies, because large companies must make a greater effort to end internal processes that hinder the performance of good Customer Service.

This is the reason why Customer Service must be of vital importance to all the company’s employees. The service culture must be present in every corner of the organization from the most managerial positions to the most operational positions. This will make all guests feel at home when visiting the premises of the company or just come for a glass of water.

Remember: Customer service is the key to success; this will allow you to create a differentiating factor that will make you stand out from the competition.

Written by: Jaime Ortega