Turismo Barlovento – Boats4U is a young company that was born in 2015 and operates in Cartagena renting small boats for private tours in the different tourist destinations of this beautiful Colombian place. This company has been chosen by Trip Advisor as one of the most recommended plans to do in Cartagena and won the certificate of excellence in 2017 that this important travel network grants. Boats4U is part of the Apps.Co Business Acceleration Program of the Ministry of Tic of Colombia.

During the year of 2017, Boats4U was exploring CRM solutions that would adjust to their growing business, as they realized that they had to manage their clients more efficiently, since the volume of trips was on the rise. Thus they searched for solutions in the cloud that would meet their needs, trying with PipeDrive and Hubspot but these did not fit 100% to their requirements.

In October 2017, our Etairos team offered the CRM solution in the cloud adjusted to their business model and that is how in January 2018 they started operations with fully customized SuiteCRM to support their operation.

The CRM Solution that Boats4U has supports from the first approach with the client, until the end of their trip on the boats, managing the operating costs and thus achieving a 360 view of each of the trips.

For Boats4U, working hand in hand with Etairos in this process has been very profitable, as it has potentiated the management of its customers, as well as improving the loyalty of its different channels.

This project is in constant evolution, although initially it was expected a classic solution of CRM, the team formed between Boats4U and Etairos, has discovered many possibilities to potentiate the CRM, for example: the generation of management reports, incentive plans for their employees, access to the tool by hotels to see travel schedules, among others. Alternatives that would not have been possible to cover with a classic CRM.

This is a clear example of the advantages for a company to have a CRM developed and adapted to its needs and requirements!

With CRM in Boats4U we now have more clarity in the information, we can track sales in a more efficient way. This has helped us gain more clients, plus we are working more organized in the operational part, as we have much more control over the boats tours.

All this has forced us to have the information up to date, because it is the only way for the CRM to work well; this is a gain because it helps the business to be organized.

The CRM is visualized in the future as a single repository of information, where we consolidate all the necessary data for our relationship with clients, as well as the operational control of the opportunities gained.

In conclusion, the work carried out jointly by the two companies has been very well received by all the collaborators as it has helped our growth, we hope that the relationship with Etairos will continue for many years as they have consolidated as a strategic partner of our business.” – Francisco Cortazar, Manager Boats4U.