Below we show you 5 interesting tips to get SMEs to implement technological solutions in their businesses.


  1. The first thing to keep in mind is that acquiring technology is not acquiring innovation, you can innovate by simply changing a process within the company.


  1. Academics recommend, for SMEs, allocate a percentage of annual turnover (between 3% and 6%) to be invested in technology issues: infrastructure, technology platforms, information systems, all this to be more competitive. It is proven that companies that grow faster, invest higher rates.


  1. Losing the fear of investing: there is a belief that buying technology is very expensive, since today you can have access to technology at reasonable costs, there are a multitude of specialized services available in the cloud that can meet the needs of companies without the need to spend exorbitant sums of money.


  1. Get advice and find funding sources: in Colombia there are government services such as ( or innpulsa ( and many others that are available to support conceptual and monetarily to SMEs and startups so that they can access technological platforms and improve their processes. All this at very low prices and sometimes even free.


  1. Consult with experts on the subject to implement very effective solutions at reasonable costs. There are companies that are dedicated to advising SMEs to find how to invest intelligently in an effective way, in order to implement technological solutions that really serve to take the next step. In this, Etairos is an expert. We have solutions that can help your business to really grow: accounting processes, inventory management, relationship with your customers, billing, among others, can be managed at very affordable costs.

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