13 07, 2020

¿How to become our client’s personal diary?


In this world, everyday filled with more and more information, we need to have on hand all the tools that allow us to be closer to the people we want to impact in a more assertive way, because all their particularities are bigger now and so, they expect to be convinced in detail of what [...]

¿How to become our client’s personal diary?2022-06-16T11:38:44-05:00
8 04, 2019

Does your company need a CRM? CRM?


Now that the topic of CRM is so in trend, in which all businesses want to join in, it is worth asking, does my company really need a CRM? To answer this question, first we go with the basic topics and answer a first question that arises: What is a CRM? A CRM [...]

Does your company need a CRM? CRM?2020-02-10T15:14:59-05:00
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